We Are Never Alone

I ended up writing an entire song in 3 minutes today 

I might actually record the vocals and create the music to release this one! 

Here is the chorus, let me know whether you find it relevant/helpful


Love, sure can

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Let The Light In

When you are having a hard day

And those clouds won't seem to go away

Just look up and know that you are not alone

All you have to do is let the light in


Believe and let the light…

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We are Connected

Take a moment and just Be,  

Stop thinking and Feel 

Visualise the beautiful incredible vast Universe in which we Are living 

Feel the vibration 

You are connected 

We are all connected, to that Universal Energy,  

Infinite, abundant and eternal LOVE 


We Determine Our Own Lives

Each step we take, each decision we make, every thought and feeling we allow ourselves to focus on, determines our experiences, leads us to new places and new people. 

When you choose to be sad, you punish yourself and

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You Are Here To Live, Not Survive

You have a radiant power inside of you, 

You are not here to survive this World, 

You are here to live, love and fulfill your dreams ??? 


(You can follow my journey, with photos and videos

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Nine Ways To Keep Yourself Happy

Nine things to keep yourself happy: 

We live in an infinite Universe, where anything is possible. 

It doesn't matter if not everyone likes you. There are 7.4 Billion people on the planet. Even if 50% didn't like you,

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Good Things Come To Those Who...

Good things come to those who;

Know what they want, believe that they can have it, and find a way to go and get it!

:~) Gemma


Be Happy & Make The Most Of Every Day

Life is too precious to go a day without being happy. 

You will never has this moment, this hour, this day, ever again, for the rest of your life. 

And those who we can share time with now,

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Everything You Need, Is Inside Of You

Everything which you experience, is in your own mind.  

All of your thoughts, all of your emotions, are not caused by another person. They are caused by you. 

Everything you need, you already have. Inside of you. 

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Your Living Reason

Giving, and making other people happier, is the most rewarding feeling in life. 

This is because that's what we are here to do. 

Whether you bring a smile to your family, or friends (Who, by the way, think

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