YouTube Live with Gemma Louise Doyle!

Where You Are

This Sunday! Exclusive Live YouTube show, one hour of music to uplift your heart, interactive performance with Gemma Louise Doyle, the singer who transformed her life from being diagnosed with a 'terminal illness' to performing for royalty and with the likes of Jimmy Osmond, The Kaiser Cheifs, Ed Sheeran, Peter Andre, McFly, Iron Maiden and many more!

Come together and join Gemma as she takes you to a World of positivity, love and music to uplift your hearts and souls! To enjoy the experiences yourself, click on the ticket link in this event to book your places and you will receive access to the YouTube event. Invite your friends & family, and subscribe to Gemma's YouTube channel to get the latest videos coming from Gemma for you!

"I can't wait to see you there and be with you, Always follow your heart, Love Gemma x"