international vocal artist, GEMMA lOUISE dOYLE

International Singer Gemma Louise Doyle, is a unique recording artist and live entertainer, who inspires people across the world. Having survived five teenage years in hospitals, Gemma today, uplifts audiences, fans & followers, in London, Las Vegas, across the entire UK, in Europe, on prestigious cruises and for global events. 


Message from Gemma "I believe that we all have a unique & significant purpose to help each other and make people happier in this World. 
I discovered this, whilst recovering from a critical illness, when I first saw how my singing can uplift, heal &

bring out the best of people. 

Since then, I've committed my life to give people joy, through music & entertainment. 

Thank you for taking a few moments to listen"   


International Music Artist Gemma Louise Doyle, has loved to sing ever since she could talk.
Quite a shy, but very loving child, (partly due to being bullied at primary school), her singing and dancing talents, and dream of stardom, were kept behind closed doors for most of her childhood.
At the age of eight, Gemma's parents arranged for Gemma to start having piano lessons, like her older brother. However, Gemma was determined to persuade them to start taking her to singing lessons, to develop her greatest passion, which they did.
Around the age of 11/12, Gemma eventually plucked up the courage to enter a singing competition which she heard about on the local radio station. To her very nervous surprise, she won. This instilled an eager young Gemma to go on to win numerous other contests.

In her early high school years, Gemma was diagnosed with what was said to be a 'terminal illness'. Very concerned doctors told her parents that she wouldn't make it through the night, and most of Gemma's teenage years were spent in various hospitals, for some of which, tied to hospital beds, covered in monitoring tubes and unable to move.
As she started to grow stronger, the one thing which Gemma was allowed to continue, was her passion for singing. She started receiving messages from other patients and staff, thanking Gemma for uplifting the day and helping them through treatment, with her voice echoing from the shower room.
This is where Gemma's passion became her life purpose.
From her experience of having to sing in front of others from a hospital bed, Gemma had finally gained the confidence to go out into the world and share her talent with others.

Despite being critically ill and having to take her GCSE examinations in hospital, Gemma managed to acquire straight A's across all subjects, and was encouraged to go to College and on to University.
Although Gemma aspired to study at Oxford University, she was adamant to become a professional singer, in some way...
Somewhat reluctantly, Gemma did attend College where she studied A Levels in her favourite subjects; Music, Biology and Languages.
She continued to study six languages in her own time.

At the same time, from the age of 17/18, fully recovered and finally back at home, Gemma drove her car to venues across the UK, meeting and networking with anyone who would listen to her.
She won more contests and performed for 36,000 people at a Christmas Lights Switch-on event, organised by a local radio station who Gemma had impressed.
Throughout the past 14 years, Gemma Louise Doyle has captured the hearts of audiences for thousands of events & festivals across the UK, Europe, Las Vegas, The UAE, Australia and Worldwide...
Appearing alongside Jimmy Osmond, Ed Sheeran, Nile Rodgers, Iron Maiden, Danni Minogue, James Blunt, The Feeling, Texas, The Kaiser Chiefs, Peter Andre,
McFly, Ronan Keating, Faithless, Sister Sledge and numerous others.
Her first official single release, in 2016, reached the iTunes charts, and Gemma has so far released 8 albums, embracing fans across the UK, America, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand and all throughout the World, with her 4 octave singing range and positive message.

Gemma says that she has come to learn that we are all one. No matter whether she is performing for royalty, billionaires, people who have nothing, and everyone in between, we are all connected.
"Music helps to bring people together, come to life, each recognise our own significant and unique purpose in the World. When I sing, people feel alive, dance, cry, sing along and it's the most rewarding, blissful experience. I want to share love with as many people across the World as possible in this lifetime"


‘Always follow your heart’



Gemma endeavors to enable people to realise, that we are all one, here together on this Earth.
To see that everyone, of 7.2 Billion people alive on this planet today, is significant, and should treat each other with kindness, gratitude and love.

To discover more of Gemma's personal message click Here

"I want to help people come together and be happy. To know that we are all living this life which can be challenging or incredible, however you choose to look at it. I wish there could be an end to jealously and for us all to utilize our talents and go achieve our dreams.
Life loves you" 
Gemma Louise Doyle



Recent interview, with the World Academy Of Arts, Literature And Media... 

*For our readers who get to know you for the first time, please tell us how did it all start, how you entered the world of music?   
Since I was a baby, my father, who has always  been a very close person in my life, shared his love of music with me. We have photos of myself as a one year old baby with headphones on! My father recalls a day out where he heard his daughter singing on stage, just three years old, I had ran up and asked a lady who was hosting an event to let me sing 'You Are My Sunshine' for all the shoppers in the mall. At the age of seven, I wanted to be a 'Pop star'. And having taken piano lessons for a short time, I asked to have singing training from the age of about ten years old. From being a child, to about the age of seventeen, I was too shy to perform in front of people, except at a few competitions which I did very well in, to my own surprise. It was actually when I faced illness and found myself in hospital for some years, that I began singing in front of people. I received letters of thanks and praise from other patients, who told me that my singing lifted them, and I noticed that my voice gave a different energy and atmosphere to the staff and all those around me. When I was strong again, I began performing and noticed that performing music could bring light and joy to all kinds of people too. It was from there that my life passion grew, and I became a professional singer.   

*You have a substantial profile of events and venues, where you performed and gained experience from, what styles and moods are your favourite on stage? 

I love to perform a wide variety of music, taking the audience on a journey, from captivating, emotional songs, to happy sing a long classics, and powerful hits which cause a standing ovation. I also enable people to dance, in the correct environments.   

*What was your biggest challenge as an artist? Could you overcome that challenge? If so, how? 

Having to implement extreme determination. Which I would say came naturally to me, given my healing and the way I saw people reacted to my voice. It was a challenge however, learning to become a manager, an entrepreneur, a sales person, working 24/7 rather than going out to parties with friends and social activities, keeping going when the bookings didn't happen immediately, adapting and learning to use social media which seems to develop & change every day, studying continuously (which fortunately I do enjoy) A lot of self discipline. It is 2:45am now, as I am writing this to you. But it leads to the most joyful, rewarding experiences, when I bring happiness to people from on stage or my music and messages online.   
What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a recording artist as well as a performing one? Being able to reach people Worldwide. I have fans and friends in America, Japan, across the UK, Europe, Australia and every continent. I share music with everyone in every part of the World.   

*How do you see the role of music in the society? 

Music connects us and brings everyone together. We are all human and music affects us all emotionally on some level. Which I think is magic and beautiful.   

*In your view, what are the characteristics of a responsible artist? 

Someone who is positive and kind and caring to everyone. They also must be ambitious and determined and work very hard to succeed.   

*You’ve just recorded a new original song ‘Happiness May Pair with You’, created by the renowned Canadian songwriter, Mosi Dorbayani, for The UN’s International Day of Happiness in March. How did you connect and relate to the song? How was your collaboration with WAALM? 

It's a pleasure and blessing to work together with Mosi, and with WAALM. The creators and the song both share my message and belief, with the desire to bring love and peace to all humanity.   

*Recently, in his social media (FB & Instagram), Mosi wrote the followings about you: “Her soul is gorgeous, her mind is generous, and her voice is fabulous”. He also wrote: “Her life and artistic journey is inspiring indeed, and her endeavor for bringing happiness and love into people’s lives is admirable.” – Do you think what it is in you that makes people admire you in such a way? 

That is one of the things about me which people who discover me online like about me. But honestly, most of my audiences come to like me for my talent first, and I hope to make a difference in their lives. It's those who get to know more about me who tend to become committed followers and supporters and friends of mine.   

*What should fans should expect from you in 2019? Tell us about your other forthcoming projects and events.   

I am working towards what I know in my heart I am supposed to do, and seeing what comes as a result. I plan to record a lot of new music, including my first completely original album (I have previously recorded mostly covers) I will, as always, be performing for private and public events, between 3 and 5 times per week, across the UK and internationally. I will travel a lot and aspire to influence the lives of many more people, both with music and the messages of inspiration which I publish and share.   

Gemma, thank you for taking time attending this interview  
Thank you for the great opportunity. It is part of what I do. 

As a live entertainer, Gemma Louise Doyle, captivates all ages & nationalities worldwide. 
Her presence fascinates audiences, with world favourite Pop hit music, endearing comedy & a message of inspiration. 
Gemma's shows provide something for everyone, taking you on a spectacular musical journey.
A versatile singer, Gemma performs renditions of hit records, from the worlds of Pop, Jazz, Rock, Power Ballads, Opera, Classical Crossover, Motown, Electronica, Dance, Soundtrack, Film Music, Soul, Inspirational Music & more!  
Putting her heart into every performance, Gemma Lives to entertain.

Gemma is also a song writer & recording artist.
Her unique original music, reflects the sound of multiple artists, including Enya, Enigma, Sam Smith, Adele, Evanescense, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, with most often known as World Music, Indie, Pop, Soul, New Age & Electronica genres.  


But life has not always been amazing and glamorous, for the now 27 year old. 

As a teenager, Gemma found herself stuck to a hospital bed, covered in tubes and life monitoring systems. 

"I remember my parents rushing 2 hours along the motorway to see me urgently. They have since told me that doctors phoned them saying that I would not make it through the night" 

During her five years in hospitals, and once diagnosed with a 'terminal' illness, Gemma discovered that her passion for singing, could uplift, impact and even heal listeners. 

When she eventually draw back enough strength, Gemma was allowed to go home and has since been exceptionally passionate to pursue her dream of being a professional singer and influencing other people. 

Childhood visions of being on stage whilst bullied at school, tapes of singing since the beginning when she could talk, running up to sing in a huge mall at only 3 years old; everything made sense and came together like pieces of a puzzle. 
As she recovered, Gemma finally began to step out onto the stage. When this happened, Gemma discovered the way which people seemed to change personality, they came Alive when she sang.


Gemma is currently performing for a whole range of different events, from corporate functions, weddings, cruises, and many more. 

She speaks six languages and has a four octave singing voice. 

To date, Gemma has recorded five albums, some of which are available to order signed copies or downloads from her website 

She is now collaborating with talented producers to create more original music. 


"I strongly believe that we all have a power within us to be who we choose. 

We are all one. We're all as deserving, of the best that life can bring on this planet, and we are always rewarded when do what is right, with good intentions (Even if it's just the incredible feeling of being true to another person and our selves) 

I've met a lot of people, from around the World, from different backgrounds, health conditions, ages, gender, nationalities. 

I haven't been given success handed to me easily. I commit every day and night to studying what I do, building contacts, networking, reaching more followers on social media, creating videos, editing my website, writing songs, planning my shows and events. I'm travelling to different cities, towns and villages every week, sometimes driving up to 20 hours per weekend and getting back at 6am, all because it's in my heart to inspire people. 

Michael Jackson lived this way, so did Whitney Houston, Prince, as do Will Smith, Beyonce Knowles, comedian Jim Carrey and many more" 


Should you like to have Gemma perform live for your event, family celebration or a venue, you can contact her by visiting or call 07757 216112. 

If you are interested to see Gemma performing live at an open/public event, you can find details on her Shows page. 

Google search the name Gemma Louise Doyle and you can find all of Gemma's social media links to follow from her website. 

You can find more positive truth to uplift you, on her dedicated Messages Of Inspiration page. 

If you would like to receive updates from Gemma and follow her musical journey, you can send her an email and she will keep in touch.

Agents & producers, Request Gemma's info:, +44 7757 216112

Friends & fans, Like Gemma's page to follow exciting adventures & find out where you can see live show appearances!

And be sure to Subscribe to Gemma's YouTube channel​

Born in the North West of England, Gemma has had an ever growing passion to entertain, throughout her life, with her first notable appearance on stage at the age of only 3 years old! (Where she ran off at a shopping mall to ask a presenter if she could sing 'You Are My Sunshine' to hundreds of shoppers) Gemma remembers day dreaming even at primary school, wishing she could stand up and amaze friends & all who knew her. Whilst a studious young girl, throughout most of her teenage years, Gemma was too shy to perform in front of audiences, until the age of 17, where she really began performing frequently. Wowing local audiences & judges, winning talent contests & gaining attention of all spectators, the music career of Gemma Louise Doyle came to life & her exciting journey began,
From this point, Gemma started taking her musical aspirations more seriously and trained with affluent tutors, from UK Royal Conservatoires, having Classical lessons in addition to her Popular music background. Gemma committed her life to entertainment, Gemma became a professional singer.

Whilst testing out her first PA system equipment in a Lancashire basement store, with her music-loving father, Gemma was discovered by an experienced Bass player, who was astonished by her voice, inviting Gemma to be the lead singer of their new function band. Although the band had little professional success (band members went separate ways before live shows started), this gave Gemma valuable experience, rehearsing with live musicians weekly.  

To this date, Gemma has entertained over 3500 shows across the world, including Concert halls, theatres, The Savoy London, world famous Cafe De Paris, casinos, luxury cruise ships, Arenas, London's West End, International & Great British holiday resorts, Corporate events, Weddings, Radio, hotels, restaurants, clubs/associations & many more! Gemma's current wish is to expand her presence with live Television appearances & global tours.

Speaking six different languages & singing a versatile range of music, from Pop, to Jazz to captivating Classical show stoppers, Gemma has a four octave Soprano voice and appeals to a great demographic.
Along with her lifestyle as a professional singer, Gemma studies many other personal interests, and supports fans in her free time. 

These interests include; Successful inspirational individuals/Self development, Health, Spiritualism, Helping people, Psychology, German, Italian, French, Spanish languages, Business, The Universe, Psychology, Art, Acting, Stage Presence, Choreography, Biology & Vocal Anatomy, Beauty, Self awareness, Music Industry, and many more! 

A natural born creatives, Gemma uses her life experiences to write original songs, and is currently in the studio developing records, with international music producers & her favorite musician friends.

To find out more, enter your email address into the mailing group on Gemma's homepage, follow Gemma on facebook, or get in touch via the Contact page!

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Sample Gemma's Albums & order whichever you choose!: CD
  • Sample Gemma's Albums & order whichever you choose!: CD
  • Sample Gemma's Albums & order whichever you choose!: CD
  • Sample Gemma's Albums & order whichever you choose!: CD

Sample Gemma's Albums & order whichever you choose!: CD

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Gemma is busy creating beautiful music to uplift your heart, with incredible producers helping to complete the new 2018 album. You can now pre-order the album, for yourself, family members and friends! Coming soon!

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New Album 2018/2019, Empire
  • New Album 2018/2019, Empire
  • New Album 2018/2019, Empire

New Album 2018/2019, Empire

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Enjoy the latest album from Gemma Louise Doyle, featuring incredibly beautiful new original songs and some of the favourite popular hits from throughout the decades. You can download here, or to order the signed CD version, contact Gemma: (Copyright protection notice: Not for sharing or resale, personal use only, to help

Enjoy the latest album from Gemma Louise Doyle, featuring incredibly beautiful new original songs and some of the favourite popular hits from throughout the decades. You can download here, or to order the signed CD version, contact Gemma: (Copyright protection notice: Not for sharing or resale, personal use only, to help keep music artists around for this world. Thank you)

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Transpire: Album, November 2017
  • Transpire: Album, November 2017

Transpire: Album, November 2017

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Order your very own signed CD of the brand new album from Gemma Louise Doyle! A compilation of World favourite hits to uplift you, heal hearts & transform your day. Featuring Gemma's UK Music chart single 'Reason', popular hits, covers by the greatest singers of all time and never heard before records of Gemma's!

Request a personal message from

Order your very own signed CD of the brand new album from Gemma Louise Doyle! A compilation of World favourite hits to uplift you, heal hearts & transform your day. Featuring Gemma's UK Music chart single 'Reason', popular hits, covers by the greatest singers of all time and never heard before records of Gemma's!

Request a personal message from Gemma to be included on the CD, for yourself, friends or special family members, to experience the captivating, powerful voice, as often as you wish. Enjoy.

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