End Of The Year Celebration with Gemma Louise Doyle

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Celebrate the end of 2020 and welcome a new year, come alive and be the best version of yourself yet, with uplifting music, love and inspiration from Gemma Louise Doyle! This week, to celebrate being together and the end of 2021, Gemma is bringing the following live streaming events for you! Uplifting NYE Eve party Wednesday (December 30th) On January 1st, an inspirational themed event to welcome in the new year, focusing on some of Gemma's empowering original music *Sunday will be Disney and Musicals! Would you like to join the experiences? You can kindly book, sending any amount you feel appropriate, via www.paypal.me/gemmalouisedoyle Feel free to let Gemma know whether you have a song request and invite your friends to join us also! Look forward to seeing you very soon! Thank you