Highlights of The Week; New Album, Original Recordings, 5 Fanastic Live shows!

Hello & welcome to another Wonderful week, in this life we live! :) 

At the beginning of last week, all I had in my diary, was a trip to London scheduled, to focus on developing my original music for you all, whilst I had the time. 

However, on Monday,  I envisioned myself having a very busy week...And what a week it turned out to be! 

In a nutshell, I ended up having 5 shows! Although only one was confirmed before the start of the week to come! 
And such wonderful experiences they were. I met, performed for and inspired so many great people.   

Each time I strongly envision something, I am soon reminded by how powerful our minds as human beings truly are. 
We can really create whatever we believe. 

One thing's for certain; 
You don't get in life, simply what you want. 
You get from life, what you, yourself believe you deserve and expect. 

Video Of The Week: 
This week's episode of Gemma Talks is now online for you to see here!  
And the theme is based upon; In a current world surrounded by negative dogma of the News & media, are you doing what really is Good for you, or being a sheep and following everyone the majority of people? Be creative & stay true to yourself! (When you watch the video, you may recognise the reason behind the subject title of this email!) 
Click this link to see! :) 
Gemma Talks, Episode 5, Decide For Yourself! 


Update: As a result of our Recording sessions last week...My brand new 2016 album, is very nearly here! :D Hurrayy! 
You are welcome to pre-order for a Christmas gift, or request your own signed copy, by emailing me atgemmalouisedoyleint@gmail.com 
The album includes bonus tracks of my first original music! Or to listen to my current records now, you can download from my website www.gemma-doyle.com/music

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Lastly for now; 
Also, Since I last wrote to you, I had the privilege of performing for an incredible, life changing fundraising event. 
 At the beautiful Sprowston Manor Marriott Hotel in Norfolk, angels of this Earth came together to raise awareness and donations to support children in Africa, to help stop the traumatic abuse & give them the lives they deserve! 
I entertained everyone with inspirational music, and my own story. 
We managed to capture a glimpse and I have edited this video for you to see: 

Should you wish to find out more about the phenomenal charity & show your support, visit:  

Thank you & Have a Fantastic week.  
Always wake up happy & stay grateful for the amazing things we are so blessed with in this life.  

You are more powerful than you can ever begin to imagine. 
Just listen to your heart. 
Ask & you will be guided. 

Anything I can help with, do get in touch! 
Love always, Gemma x 

Gemma Louise Doyle 
International Singer, Recording Artist & Entertainer 
+44 7757 216112

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