Nine Ways To Keep Yourself Happy

Nine things to keep yourself happy: 

We live in an infinite Universe, where anything is possible. 

It doesn't matter if not everyone likes you. There are 7.4 Billion people on the planet. Even if 50% didn't like you, there's still a lot of people to like you. 

You can achieve anything you believe. 

Follow your heart and intuition. It's guiding you to the life you deserve. 

Everyday, think of 9 things in life you are grateful for. This includes positive relationships with your family, people who care about you, people who you care about, having running water, a place to live, your health, being able to walk, your infinite ability to create anything your mind chooses to believe. 

Listen to your favourite music 

Do a workout/exercise...Yes you will feel better afterwards!  

Maybe this video will inspire you: 

Go and create the life of your dreams!

Love Gemma Louise Doyle x