Almost Everything You See Around You Was Created By People

Today I want you to consider this;
What's the point in being realistic?
It doesn't achieve anything, doesn't make you feel good.
Years ago, it was 'unrealistic' to think that we could flick a switch and lights would come on. It was 'unrealistic' to think we could possibly bend some metal/wood and fly through the skies. It was unrealistic to think we could communicate & watch family on the other side of the world from a computer screen. Fortunately Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers and many other inventors didn't think that way.
We are All creators.
If people were all 'realistic', nothing would be invented and we wouldn't "vorsprung durch tecknik" ('advance through technology' for any of you who don't speak German!)

I am not good at following rules which I do not agree with.
(Okay I'm not going to break the law or anything) But if something seems completely silly to me, I just do what I want and believe to be best anyway!
Because; Here's the thing; PEOPLE create rules. Every rule, was Thought up by someone.
Do what you believe and watch magic happen. Give, share your gifts with the world.

So, you have an idea, go and create it!
They created theirs, you can do it to!
Love always, Gemma


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