A Unique Post, About Me, My Unconditional Love

This industry is not easy.
But I invest my entire heart & soul and more into trying to entertain and inspire the world. It's what I live for.
I am thankful to all who help me, appreciate my performances, and recognize what I am trying to achieve.

Especially thanks to my dad. For although he does not understand, (experience my ambition/Music Business/understand The Universe) 
He tries to help the daily activity of my performances (when I have them) in any simple ways he can.
The best thing is that I know he will Always be there for me, for as long as he shall live. I have someone to rely on, in terms of love & support.
And that is something so sacred, that nothing greater could ever be wished for, or replaced.
I am sure you will understand if you have a parent or someone who loves you unconditionally. It is such a blessing, which we need to appreciate. 

I live for my fans, it drives me insane, as I want & Need to be helping (elevating) them, but it requires So Much in order to reach so many people on a global scale. 

Every day, every moment I am awake, I am responding to emails, calls, reaching out to people, studying languages, training from Vocal and live entertainment resources, maintaining & growing my live shows, fan bases, Facebook, YouTube channel, creating new videos/media/photos, collaborations, new original music, rehearsing more songs, booking agents, proviidng for my customers, preparing technical aspects of shows (travel, food, accommodation, time scheduling, equipment), networking, exercising, dancing, taking care of my health, my appearance for the audiences/people, trying to find Genuine people in the Music/entertainment industry, researching business, studying the recording industry. responding to friends & fans, trying to make people happy!
And Many many More!

I love my career. In a similar way to how you may love the person you spend your life with. How you feel may change on a frequent basis, but you have absolutely no choice. It's unconditional love.
As an entertainer, I loose sleep, a great social life, I have to work my diet, schedule and entire life around my performances.

If you'd like a little insight into what I experienced for 5 years of my teenage life (today I'm 24), see my debut music video here (and kindly click that you 'like' it)
We filmed most of this in Las Vegas, and I spent nearly 6 months in the studio and years chasing the producer to complete the song audio!
Gemma's Music Video, Click this link

Fight for what you love. I do. I know it's all worthwhile when I'm on that stage and see the reaction of the people.

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Enjoy life and fulfill your higher purpose. You are gifted and here to help make others' lives better. Your Only limitations are the ones which you allow your own mind to believe.

Thank you.
Love always,
Gemma Louise Doyle x