For The Younger Generation Especially, To Know

Today's message is particularly for my younger followers (but to everyone across the world also! <3 )

I want you to know that you do not need to suffer.
Whenever other people are unpleasant towards you, or bully you, or say something/do something to try and hurt your feelings;
Know that it's Them who has the problem, they are hurting inside, you are absolutely fine the way you are.

You have unique skills and abilities which no other person has exactly the same as on this Earth!
You are very special!
You have So much to offer this world.

Focus Not on what other people think of you, but what You think of you. You can be the best you want to be, when you do what you know is good.
Follow your heart.
Our intuition/instinct/gut feeling is telling us what is best for us, it's guiding us to be happy and fulfill our purpose in life.

Most of all, be kind to others. We are all facing challenges in this world. There is Never any need for Jealously, it does not make anyone happier, everyone deserves happiness and success in life. You get what you deserve.
You can choose how you react to anything!
You Determine how you create your life to be.

You realize as you grow up, Why you have certain talents/abilities and enjoy doing certain things in life.
I  found old cassette tapes (a few years ago), from me singing along to all the songs in musicals and my brother's school play. I loved singing since I could talk!
I wanted to take A Level languages along with my Music and Science studies (what a bizarre mix!) But today I speak 6 languages and this enables me to communicate with audiences when I perform across the world! :)
Everything is for a reason.

Your responsibility is to discover what Your purpose is. 
What are You good at?  What do You enjoy doing?  What is Your dream?
You can make the World a better place.
Each day you put in the effort to becoming a better You, you are a step closer to achieving your dreams!
Each morning you get up, you have so many opportunities to make people happier and lives better.
Smile at everyone you meet, talk pleasantly and positively. Be good to yourself by thinking good thoughts.
You have the choice and only you can decide.

Help this world everyday, it's the greatest gift we have, and will make your life better.

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Take care. Love always, Gemma x


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