Looks Can Be Deceiving

Hello! And welcome to my Inspirational Message of today!
Keep well, happy, and open minded.
Remember that you:
*Are incredibly powerful,
*Have so much to be grateful for, and
*The choice is in your hands to be happy today.

Looks can be deceiving...
Things are not always as they may seem.

People may not always be how they say they are, or appear to you, to be.
The reality is, that we become who we choose to be.
(Example: The moment that a person decides that they want to be "a doctor", or are a "good mother", or are not very good at "being healthy" ...they usually are/become/continue to be that way!
Yet, the reality is, you/they are choosing to be that way!)
Know how you really want to be. Think of how you can be better and give more to this World.
You've most likely heard of the expression "Life is not a rehearsal"
Well of course, that is absolutely true!
So take action, small steps leading to the greater you, Make a change, start today!
Think about how good you feel when you achieve something you truly want. You deserve it for your life which you are living now!

We are all one, born into and living in The Universe. 
Anything is possible for you.
You can't see all of the powers which your thoughts, feeling & choices have, and how they impact your life.
My cat probably doesn't know that The Universe exists.
But that doesn't mean that it isn't there!

"Don't judge a book by it's cover!"
In summary:
*Everything you hear & see in the media, is due to money.
Money has power, and media feeds the viewer, the consumer, your mind, with what it want you to believe.
*People may seem happy, but you don't really know what's happening in their life.
So always be kind to everyone, never allow jealously to occupy your mind
*I recently performed for a Mayors Ball, with lots of 'usually very serious' councilors. But they partied & danced more than any other audience I've had so far this year! 

Focus on what you want
Don't let others influence or manipulate you
Be whoever you want to and the very best you can be.
Because it's your life now, time to live a fullfilling and meaningful life now.
It's your birthright, and your purpose for this World.

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