The Sun Always Rises, After Darkness Falls

This week, a family member of mine, almost pursued a dream, a gut feeling, a spark of inspiration. He was ready to finally do something which deep inside he'd wanted all his life. 

But then the next day, he had gone back to human mind mode, thinking of all the reasons why he shouldn't, ...and it was a dead idea, once more. 

No matter where you are, how fit and healthy, no matter what age you are, it's never too late to pursue a passion or dream. Age is but a number, we are all still living in this infinite Universe. Anything is possible. 

Our only limitations, are those which we allow ourselves to believe. 

Colonel Sanders, was 62 when he opened his very first KFC restaurant. The company spread so rapidly, that he soon sold the business for the equivalent of what would be $15.4 million today! 

What's more, Luciano Pavarotti only really had his moment, and rose to fame when he was 54! 

JK Rowling, the author Harry Potter, had her stories rejected thousands of times, by almost every publisher she could contact. She was living in a small London apartment, with barely enough to feed her child. Today, she is known around the World, as the writer of the best selling book series of all time.  

...Do you have a hobby or clever idea or talent you've wondered whether you should take up? 

Imagine what could become of you following this idea, your greater purpose? 

Think of all the people's lives you could potentially change for the better, and the happiness and fulfillment you could bring to your own life. 

Surely it's better to try something and find out, rather than becoming older and never knowing what could have been? 

I know that I am always rewarded when I truely open up and follow my guidance. 

Always follow your heart, start today! 

Thank you for reading, and blessings to you,  

Love always, Gemma x 


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