Your Thoughts Can Change The World

It all starts inside your mind.

What you think about, talk of and believe; affect your own life, those around you and the entire World.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you can begin to imagine.

Choose to think of good, and not of the bad. Surround yourself with love and positivity.

Be careful what you wish for (You've heard the saying)

That which you focus your attention on, you attract for your life and create in this World.

You have a choice: To be happy or sad, to determine what you want to happen, or what you don't want, to be kind, or jealous, to feel scared, or courageous, determined, enlightened.

Choose love, and not war, bring peace and good into this life.


Thank you.

Love always, and wishes to you for a happy, healthy and love fulfilled life.

Gemma xx


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