End Unhappiness/Suffering, You Have So Much To Be Grateful For!

A friend/former colleague reached out to me a few days ago, as he's suffering from depression.

Multiple friends have called upon me for help with similar sufferings, in the past.

So I first and foremost, want to implore you; should you yourself, or know of anyone who is; ever suffering from bad thoughts which could cause harm, please, talk with someone who will help you. 

You have every reason, and deserve to be happy in your life.  

You are unique, have a significant purpose for this lifetime, and there are people who you mean the World to at this very moment. 

We have so much to be grateful for. 

*You have family who love you... 

That's more than hundreds of millions across the World; who do not! 

If you don't have a family of your own, you have the ability to create a truly loving one. 

I have met people in my 25 years of life so far, who I love unconditionally, such that I have personally inherited them as my 'family'. 

*You have a home with clean water, safe for drinking and washing... 

According to UNICEF, that's more than some 4.5 Billion people across the World, who are without safe water! 

As you are able to read this message now, you have internet access, a device to view it with, and eyes to see with...Those are much more than many people across the World. 

You may not own a Ferrari, or be a Billionaire, with your dream home, but you have something much greater, much more valuable than that. 

You have intuition. Whether you believe that to be 'gut instinct', God, or a higher power guiding you. 

We live in an INFINITE, ABUNDANT Universe, where anything is possible.  Those who achieve the greatest accomplishments for our World, are aware and following their inner guidance. 

We are RICH! We have homes, families and people who love us! Be happy, celebrate life, be grateful every day! 

I advise you to practice, frequently think of 9 different things which you are blessed with in life, and have gratitude for those. 

Feel free to share these messages with loved ones, friends & family!


Thank you for listening, have a fantastic day and always follow your heart, 

Love Gemma Louise Doyle


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