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HOME CONCERTS ONLINE! πŸ˜„πŸ’–πŸŽΆπŸ™ŒπŸŒ  Dear friends, supporters, colleagues, I hope you are keeping well? Due to the Corona Virus, my events for this season, plus summer music festivals, which I've been working towards every day & night for many months, have been but on hold and cancelled.

However, to lift your spirits, I am so excited... to be offering you something new...Home Concerts! I will be bringing love and joy through inspiring live music performances, to the comfort of your very home! The first Home Concert will take place on Facebook Live, on Thursday 26th and the second on Sunday 29th March, at approximately 8pm UK time...3pm Central US time. Providing this is successful, I will be holding many more like this for you.

I am accepting donations for your enjoyment of the live stream performances, but also a select number of song requests can be taken in advance! You can book requests and donate, by going to my website here:

Facebook only allows me to invite a certain number of people to the Event, so kindly invite your friends to this event and tune in for an hour of positive, inspiring live music!

Your support is especially valuable during this time, And any profits will be going towards the creation of new, powerful music, with my new band, and to help influence more people Worldwide 🎢

Thank you so much, your support helps my music to reach more people's hearts, to recognise their own inner life purposes πŸ’–

Stay well, Look forward to hearing from you! Love Gemma x

My new album, focused on music to awaken your hearts, is being released very soon! To order a signed CD or download, go to

You can support my music career during this time, on Patreon and receive exclusive videos & media