Christmas Album, Photo shoot & Christmas Events!

Today, the time finally came, for me to have the photo shoot for my brand new 2016 album! Wahoo! 
I am so excited to share these with you, and more so, to hold it in my hand and sign personal messages for you!
I have been working hard towards this all year. 
(To order your own signed album in time for Christmas, visit, where you can submit your requested message and view the track list!) 
And I want to thank you, my loyal friends & fans, for being the inspiration behind me creating this. 
Every action I take, every word I sing, each time I perform, it's to help you, to be as happy as you deserve in each and every day of life.  

Latest Gemma Talks video! :D  
Based on my message to you: 
You already have everything you need. Look inside your heart, follow what you know is best for you to do, you can create exactly what you desire,  ANYTHING is possible!  
And Entitled: The Universe! 
Here it is (click the link to view!) 

Latest Live On Stage video 
From a Fantastic corporate event:​ 

How are you celebrating Christmas this year? 
I am so excited to be performing for events and Christmas parties! It's by far my favourite part of Christmas! 
Should you know anyone who is still looking for Christmas entertainment, feel free to get in touch/introduce me. I will be delighted to help! 
07757 216112 

Well that's all for now, 
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Keep happy, stay healthy, and most importantly; 
Always follow your heart. 
Thank you & best wishes, 
Love Gemma x 

Gemma Louise Doyle 
International Singer, Recording Artist & Entertainer 
+44 7757 216112

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