Gemma Amazes 1000 Guests At London Corporate Awards Events

Last weekend, Gemma had a successful performance for almost 1000 corporate guests, at an awards evening in Westminster, London. 

As a request from the client, within 24 hours, Gemma learned and rehearsed her own captivating routine, to a song from The Greatest Showman! The client was a great fan of the new musical and so Gemma was faced with a challenge, only the day before the event, to learn an entire new song! This is something which Gemma says she never would have thought she could pull off to her high standards. But she proved herself, as she danced around the ginormous room, up to the tables of guests. As the audience watched with full attention, Gemma was video projected live, onto huge screens on the walls, whilst she acted out the songs. Gemma of course received a fantastic reaction and very appreciative applause! 

This shows that often it's a case of mind of matter. And we don't always know our own abilities.

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