My Performance For The Dubrovnik Music Festival!

Performing for an international audience, this time, at the music festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia, was absolutely an incredible experience of my life. 

I met the most amazing people, from all across the World.

Audience members from Malaysia, France, Switzerland and so on, queued up to express their sheer joy and receive my signed album and their photos with me after my live show. 

I got the opportunity to spend time and perform with fantastic musicians from the UK, Croatia, Germany, France, Latvia, Poland, who have now become good friends of mine.

Although before my flight to Croatia, I had 5 shows each night that week, and was a little nervous to be performing some of my own original music to people who hadn't ever seen me before! It was a huge success. The comments and reaction were much greater than I had even envisioned.

Dubrovnik is a remarkable place, with epic Roman history and blissful weather. Where we took the boat to reach our stage, on Lokrum Island, was true paradise.

I am so excited to be invited to go back there again next year. Should you wish to join us, or have me perform for another event, do get in touch!

Thank you for reading, have a fantastic week, and should you wish to receive my updates via email, send a message to or contact me here, on my website contact page.

Gemma Louise Doyle

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