The Adventures Of May Begin!

Hi everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful bank holiday!
The entire week for me, was Very exciting!

I had five shows, and LOTS of travelling; taking us to beautiful Anglesey, Wales again,  London, Preston, Cheshire & the Midlands.
My audiences turned out to be rather excitable, very appreciative and quite interesting people to meet.
I was truly blessed...

I entertained at a lovely casino in London, singing Popular hits, Jazz & famous classical crossover music, for some gamers, relaxing weekend couples & the truly welcoming and kind management of the casino, who asked "I'm absolutely overwhelmed, Does Gemma sing at All of our casinos? Well I'm going to Make sure she does now!"

Meanwhile, I also was introduced to a world renowned music producer, by a record label who came to see my show.
We are scheduling our next studio session together, where I will be developing more original music of my own! So look out for that, lots to come!

On Sunday, we journeyed through the valleys again, to reach magical Anglesey of Wales, where a younger audience gathered at a beautiful fine dining and function wedding venue, to hear me sing throughout the evening.
It's fair to say it turned out to be a Very Interesting night!

There's a video on my personal Facebook page showing a snippet of the reaction from guests at the wedding venue. Some became rather excitable! And the comments were incredible.
I can never quite believe some of the things which happen, how people respond to my performances. 
It is this, these people, who fire me to continue pursuing my purpose, and work 24/7 to inspire more people with my music.

If you are reading this now, having seen one of my live shows, I thank you with all my heart for being there and following me.
You enable me to continue further, and entertain more audiences, as all talented artists are meant to do.

So that is a brief summary of an eventful week. This week, I have shows in the North West of the UK, in Ascot, London, Kidderminster, Birmingham, West Midlands and for a wedding near Manchester. I shall be sure to share some kind of update with you soon!

Have a wonderful week, keep happy & listen through my YouTube channel GemmaDoyleOfficial, which may uplift you.
If you haven't already, be sure to Subscribe to the YouTube channel, so you can be notified of brand new media & videos going up there, with original records and of course classic world favorite covers coming soon!

Love always,
Gemma Louise Doyle

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