This Week; Eurovision, Recording & Behind The Scenes Video!

Everything we experience in our lives is for a reason.  
Choose to accept people as they are, be grateful for all you are blessed with, and embrace what life brings you  
It's all to make you stronger, to be prepared, to achieve your life purpose  
And guiding you to fulfill your highest, greatest dreams, goals & ambitions. 

Last week was an adventurous week for me... 

I was invited to record a song for the Eurovision Song Contest! 
This led to very long nights & days, learning a new original song, and on Monday, recording studio & video sessions! 
I may have a demo to share with you all very soon. 

On Tuesday I had a wonderful show, for the disabled, a privilege to perform for. 
Wednesday I attended a music entertainment showcase, and on;  

Thursday, I traveled to Kent, South UK, where I had the greatest delight, of recording and creating new original music of our own, with my favourite, phenomenal, world class producer, and true friend, Xiaotian Shi. 
I am very excited to share this music with you very soon! 

For now, however, the recording of my latest album; 'Inspire' is finally complete! Wahooo! :D 
What's more; I finally picked the dress my heart wanted to find, to feature in my new photo shoots, for the front cover of this album! 
I look forward to sharing these images with you very soon! 
But here's a sneak preview picture I captured with my phone, for you, whilst thrilled the dress I love actually fits! 

You can order a Christmas gift signed copy of my brand new album at 
Request a personally signed message from myself with your order! 

Friday brought me to a new performance, at a beautiful high class venue, in the heart of London! 
Best of all, I was kindly accompanied by the magnificent Xiaotian. 
Life has blessed me with this truly incredible friend & producer, who I was always wanting to find! 

In fact, I have met several Golden hearted Angels this year. 
You know who you are. 
You make me continue to believe in my heart, and Know that I really will achieve my purpose, of inspiring people across the world.  
You mean more than you ever can imagine, The Universe to me!
Thank you x 

Video of the week: A Sneaky glimpse, behind the scenes, at Saturday's show! :D  

Life is incredible, when you believe, and allow it to be. 
The more I give love, envision the reaction I want for my audience, and be thankful, the greater the impact I have for my fans and live performances. 
Share this video and all my media, with friends & family who you believe will enjoy my music, posts & inspirational messages!  

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You mean the world to me, and to Many people in your life. 
Bless you. 
Love always, Gemma x 

Gemma Louise Doyle 
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