Updates: West End Show, Grand Mayoral Ball, Party Time!

Hello! How are you keeping today?  
Be grateful, think of 9 things you are blessed with in life today: 
People who love you, food, being alive, having endless opportunities to create, become, love, give, inspire others & give love to those around you! 

Wow, what a week I was blessed to have!... 
It all began on Tuesday, Valentine's Day, with my performance for wonderful romantic couples, business executives & families, 
At one of the top restaurants in Manchester's city centre. 
The people were exceptionally kind & appreciative, it was my third Valentine's there and I look forward to many more possible celebrations with them. 

Second, came Wednesday's show, returning to London, and a spectacular evening, where I was fortunate to spend time entertaining some of the most incredible people I have met so far this year. 
More about that later in this email! 

On Thursday, one of my life long dreams became reality!... 
(As I had previously surprised him with a trip to see Andre Rieu in concert for Christmas) 
...One of my closest friends/supporters (& someone who I regard as family) treated me with an early birthday gift; 

VIP Tickets to see The Phantom Of The Opera, live in the heart of London's West End! 

I felt overwhelmed, and didn't know quite how to accept being treated so kindly.  
However, My greatest pleasure came, from the realization, of how much a loyal friend & follow appreciates the love and care I have been sending throughout the year. The rewarding feeling of seeing that I help and mean so much to someone, as they do to me. 
Above all, I am most grateful for the relationship I have with my fans, and what I am able to give those who appreciate what I do. 
You mean the World to me. 
Thank you SO much x 


But it wasn't long before I was rushing myself away 
(no rest for the ambitious!) 
...On to the last train of the night heading back North, ready to perform for a grand event on Friday: 
The Mayoral Ball! Held at the Select Stadium, soon to be the stage of Sir Elton John! 
Having seen my show for a charity event last year, the Mayor of Halton very politely asked me to be the entertainment for his main event, for all the Mayors & Councillors in this region.

Well of course, I was honored, and I'm delighted to share with you, that the night was a huge success! 
All of the guests had a wonderful time, gave kind comments, and 
Gosh, do (usually serious) Councillors know how to dance! 
I'm most pleased by the fact that the Mayor & Mayoress were feeling very proud to have raised money beyond expectations for their chosen life changing charities, 
Child Bereavement UK & Let's Go stroke club. 

The week ended very heart warming,  in the comfort of a local audience, who very kindly keep inviting me to return to their wonderfully welcoming club in Lancashire! 


And now on to this week's Adventures!.. 

You are invited, to join us, 
To enjoy the last show of this season's residency in London: 
This Wednesday, At PRIMO, Park Plaza Hotel Westminster, 
I will be welcoming friends, fans & guests, 
To my show in the comfort of the beautifully elegant; PRIMO Music Bar. 
Additionally, on this occasion, I am thrilled to welcome my special guest from London joining me live on stage! 
Entry is free! All you have to do is arrive, take the stylish escalator up to the first floor,
Sit back and enjoy a wonderful celebratory evening with myself & friends!   
Try to arrive from 7:30pm, with the shows starting at 8pm, 9pm & 10pm 

For more information on where you can see my live shows, click this link to visit the page 
on my website! 

Or, do you know anyone who features live music/entertainment, 
or holding and event this year? 
Kindly get in touch! 
I will be most delighted to be part of your special event! 
Email gemmalouisedoyleint@gmail.com 
Call 07757 216112 
Contact website page: https://www.gemma-doyle.com/contact-book-gemma 

And In case you missed it... 

My 'Latest Inspirational Message From The Heart' to uplift you today! :) 
Includes the words: 
The reality is, that we become who we choose to be. 
(Example: The moment that a person decides that they want to be "a doctor", or are a "good mother", or are not very good at "being healthy" ...they usually are/become/continue to be that way! 
Yet, the reality is, you/they are choosing to be that way!) 
Know how you really want to be. Think of how you can be better and give more to this World. 
You've most likely heard of the expression "Life is not a rehearsal" 
Well of course, that is absolutely true! 
So take action, small steps leading to the greater you, Make a change, start today! 
Think about how good you feel when you achieve something you truly want. You deserve it for your life which you are living now! 

And "My cat probably doesn't know that The Universe exists" 
(Just because we can't see something, it doesn't mean it isn't there) 

To view the full Inspirational Message post, click on this link:  

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Have the best week you can possibly ever imagine & remember, Always follow your heart!  
Thank you, 
Love Gemma x

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