Americans; "I Suck!" English; "Practice makes..."

Today my message is Get Started.
(I recently have been creating original music and as I'm a professional Entertainer, becoming an original producer as well as a song writer, is sometimes requiring a little motivation!) Having watched Multiple videos, of successful motivational people, I am reaffirmed that all it takes is to Get Started! Try! Practice!

We are all Born with talent & creativity. We are Not born with skills. Skills are to be developed.
I can now speak 6 languages, as I practice every day.
Be grateful for what you Do have, and develop what you Want to have.
I am now a great entertainer, I was Not when I first started performing. I just had a good voice.
You only have to try something and keep doing it and you will become better and can be as good as you want to be.

Whenever you first try something, as Americans say "You suck!" When a baby first tries to walk, it falls over. When you first started your job, there will have been something you really were not getting the results you wanted from.
In order to be good at something, you have to Practice!
Practice makes...No practice does Not make perfect. Practice makes you better at something. Keep practicing frequently, and soon you will achieve success in that creativity.  
Don't let yourself be down for not being fantastic at something you know you should do. Just try, and try and keep getting better at it.
The rewards will be hugely worthwhile.

Be happy, be creative & fulfill the best version of yourself who you are truly capable of & meant to be!

Thank you & love always,

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