Be Honest! We Are All The Same

Always be honest, honesty is a key component which maintains/leads to happiness and love.

Why leave people feeling confused or deceived or unsure? Why not instead make life easier, enjoyable and with more love for each other?

When you lie, it can cause hurt, and be unfair towards others, which is highly likely to come back around and hurt you the same, if not more.

In most cases, people essentially know.

We all sense it, we know the truth, we feel it.

(I know for certain, that I have a very strong perception of whether and to what degree people are being honest)

After all, we are all one. We are made from the elements of The Universe, we are all energy.

I am a very honest person. I tell the truth, have learned since my teenage years to express how I feel entirely, and sometimes I can 'say it as it is'

Often, I find that people like me much more, and react to me in a much better way and it makes life easier. Sometimes, people also find me even more entertaining, as it can be funny. Comedians are Very honest, and 'blunt'.

What's most important, is that you don't have to put on pretense, in the worry of what others will think of you. 

Yes okay, sometimes we can  choose to phrase things more kindly, or keep certain things to ourselves, in order to prevent causing harm/offending others.

But we are all human, we are not perfect and we shouldn't lie and deceive each other. 

Anything which you are going through/suffering, feel free to voice this with other people. They will relate to you, because no ones life is perfect!

Be more honest and you will feel better, get on with others better and just watch relationships and life can transform!


Thank you for reading.

My aim is that these posts are to brings more light into your life, and for people across the World.

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Keep well & have a wonderful day,

Be, and give, the very best of you today and every day!

Love, always, 



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