Helping Aspiring Talent

Hello! I hope you are feeling well and having a wonderful day!

Today I have decided to share with you, something fairly different  to the inspirational messages which I usually share on this page;

Not so long ago, I used to teach a young girls choir at a school, to help them develop vocal technique, performance insight and to enjoy their love of singing!

Whilst teaching at the school, I was very blessed to discover a few very special individual talents. 
I developed an even stronger passion to nurture and make them see that it is possible for them to have a career in music/entertainment, to follow their dream and maybe even become someone who can inspire and entertain the world! As I never had that positive encouragement myself.

Growing up at school and college, I  was always led to believe that I had to go on to graduate at a university or similar level of education, in order to have a successful career. Certainly where I studied, there was no encouragement to follow any sort of music profession. All I knew in that regard, was my childhood dream within my own heart of being a 'Popstar', as I had witnessed on TV talent shows and in the media.

Although I was a very diligent student (I loved high school and gained straight A grades) and I do believe that education is invaluable,   
I want  talented individuals to know and see that they can become a singer entertainer, if their heart so desires.
I feel that singing enables Anyone & everyone to express themselves, release any pain/stress/suffering and give the best of what they can offer the world, to eventually recognize their true value.
When I discovered that one of my most gifted students was being bullied at school, I saw even more of my younger self reflected in this girl, and wanted to help her to use her ability to be stronger inside and prevent others from doing her any harm, knowing that the truth was she really does have significant value and unique strengths.

Also, when I started out on my path as a professional singer, I had very little way of learning how to best entertain an audience and become successful, other than lots of practice actually doing it myself, keeping going strong, working really hard to raise awareness for entertainment bookings and seeing what worked best whilst live on stage.
Today, I want to give young incredible talents the opportunity to learn, watch & discover professional talents for themselves. 
So Tonight I invited one of my most beautifully gifted students, to see my live show! And what a spectacular night it was. We were blessed with yet another incredibly grateful audience. My young friend watched & went away with a wonderful expression on her face.
I look forward to inviting her to more shows, possibly introducing her to perform on stage, and inspiring more people (of all ages) to get up & share talent with the world.

Thank you & love always,
Gemma Louise Doyle

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