Material Things, We Acquire In Our Lives, Come And Go. Eternal Love, Can Not Be Replaced 

Material things which we acquire in our lives, come and go,  they can be replaced.

Eternal love, is a blessing which can not be replaced. 

People in our lives are more important.

We are all born, on this planet, with the ability to gain/create anything which we choose & believe.
Don't allows yourself to worry too much about the things which don't matter as much as it may sometimes seem.

Focus on what you have. And remember which things are most important in our lives
Be grateful for the people in your life who truly love you, or appreciate what you give, who care.

Go and make your people happy today, as you deserve. You can make a difference to their lives, and that in turn may lead them to make other lives better also.

You mean the World to me
Thank you.

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