Think, Want & Believe

All that you see & experience around you in life, is a result of what you Think & Believe.

The Universe creates exactly what you ask of it, as soon as you think and believe something is going to happen/be a certain way.

There are only two things you can do for yourself, in order to have the life you want.
One is conception (thought) and the other is conviction (your must Truly know & believe it to be true)
No man is responsible for anything in his life except his thought and his belief.
All else is the working of the great creative Universal Mind, which All living things are part of.

Whenever you have a negative thought, Stop it, nip it in the bud immediately before it spirals out of control from one to the next. And think of how you want that situation to be instead, replace it with a positive thought, and another and another. Think about the good things in life, what you actually want, and surround yourself with positivity

For any of you who may be slightly sceptical/unsure ready this; Know that This is how the greatest, happiest & most successful people in the world live.
So surely it's worth a try for yourself?

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful weekend and check back again soon for more inspiration.
Love always,
Gemma Louise Doyle

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