Turn Off Social Media!

Hello my friend! I hope you're doing good today.
(And if not, you've come to the right place! Discover my earlier blog posts and get on track to success, health & happiness!)

Today's topic, is; Social Media!
Turn it away! (Shut your phone in another room and if you have to!)
In modern society, There are SO many distractions! Facebook, text messages, advertisements, emails, Twitter, Instagram notifications. All these and many more could be holding you back from the productive, successful, Best You, you want to be.

Giving yourself a couple of hours a day, to focus 100% on your most predominant task, without any distractions of any mobile phone activity/social media, is a fundamental way to achieve your goals.

Then once you've achieved your eminent projects/activities for the day, you may check what you may have received from others. 
Once you've completed your set work load for the day, you can give your full attention to family, friends, or self development; whichever way you choose.

Be productive, be successful, be happy now!
Love always,


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